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Office and Flash (SWF) APS Plug-Ins

On the FocusOPEN Developer Wiki, we have written two articles that explain how to enable support for generating previews and thumbnails for Office files using the LibreOffice open source MS Office alternative.  A separate article also describes how to use SWFTools to generate thumbnails for Flash (SWF) files and also to automatically insert them as […]

FocusOPEN Custom Home Page Guide Released

One of the new features introduced in FocusOPEN 3.4.2 are customisable home pages.  We have now released a  custom home page development guide.  This can be used by client-side developers to generate their own home page templates.  The crucial difference between custom home pages and the ‘Custom HTML’ feature already provided older versions of FocusOPEN […]

FocusOPEN Scripting Engine & REST API Documentation Released

Today we published a short PDF guide to the FocusOPEN scripting engine and REST API (which is built using the scripting engine).  A number of pre-written API functions have been provided over the last few releases and we intend to extend these over forthcoming updates.  The documentation explains how to write your own custom scripts […]

New Advanced FocusOPEN APS Configuration Article

We published a new article today on our Wiki about the FocusOPEN APS (Asset Processing Server) that explains some advanced APS configuration options.  The article also describes the process of adding multiple APS instances using the command line version and the Microsoft srvany tool for creating services from command line applications.

FocusOPEN Engineer/Developer Resources Added

We have released two new document resources aimed at FocusOPEN engineers/developers to the FocusOPEN Developer Wiki: Sandbox Deployment Guide Enabling The “Engineer” User Role The sandbox deployment guide shows users how to create duplicated versions of FocusOPEN without the need to do a clean install.  The Engineer user role is a little known feature of […]