FocusOPEN 3.4.4 Beta Released

FocusOPEN 3.4.4 Beta has been released today.  The upgrade includes 55 modifications and a wide range of bug fixes.  This is being advance released to Commercial users first.

A summary of the changes is below.


* Configure metadata by Asset Type ported from previously implemented custom editions
* Option to batch copy metadata settings between asset types
* API Test Harness
* Batch import converted to an AJAX based method with progress bar and ability to pause/resume
* New AJAX persistent lightbox slides up dynamically and can be pinned
* Ability change asset or preview unavailable graphics for individual brands
* Lightbox slideshow feature added
* Encrypted Single Sign On (SSO) URL capability added for external authentication to externally hosted FocusOPEN instances
* Batch link assets
* Batch add asset to lightboxes from the admin area
* Batch import feature extended to allow job settings to be stored as templates for other users or exported
* Email alias feature allows users to retain personal email addresses for messages but login with a corporate email address
* Custom button feature allows client-side developers to add their own functionality to appear next to other asset buttons.
* API functions to get/set user Groups
* Added ability to link different IP addresses to individual Guest accounts
* Added option to hyperlink fields in asset detail view to call new searches based on the metadata in the current one.
* Document assets are now converted to raw text and then stored in the database rather than as BLOBs
* Batch delete or merge nodes from taxonomies
* Duplicate Merge feature to allow duplicate fields in a taxonomy to be merged together based on the value or external reference field
* Batch user Group/Permissions modification
* Updated disk usage information to assign quotas to individual brands rather than using the volume data
* Asset popularity report added
* Batch download as zip from the admin area added to compliment end user catalogue feature
* Added ability for super administrators to create zipped lightboxes for users to download directly without manually assembling an order.
* Group searches now search sub-Groups
* Ability to exclude some fields from template cataloguing operations (set in config)
* New filters to not search short description or Group name added
* New search ordering field: relevancy, date, popularity or other (sorting by list headers)

Minor or Technical Modifications
* APS adjustments to use single thread with ImageMagick plug-in to stop it monopolising server resources
* Short description not limited to 400 characters
* Use brand default description rather than a hard-coded placeholder
* Revised preset metadata control allows administrators to modify preset fields in-line while editing assets
* Link to admin search allows search URLs for admin area to be shared
* Additional user bindings to get the brand and user group added to the client-side scripts
* Updates to allow rollover sizes to be changed in configuration settings.
* Settings to control the level to collapse/show Groups for both assets and users
* Brands can now have multiple administrators
* Single search terms are now expanded to wildcard searches to increase results (can be disabled if undesirable)
* Admin include file for each brand allows client-side developers to add their own custom code accessible from the admin area.
* Configurable asset thumbnail copy can now include any sting and dynamic variables
* Config settings to disable slideshow
* Config to disable PDF contact sheet
* New preview plug-in context added for asset detail within order manager
* Reduced size viewstate in asset editing page (improves performance when editing asset metadata)
* More events tracked in the user audit trail
* Setting to watermark by default added
* Years now reverse chronologically ordered
* Group plural value can be controlled from config settings
* Modifications to control what company options get displayed on the registration or add user form
* Some workflow copy made configurable via settings
* Contact footer option to allow user to add contact URL or mailto link
* Settings changes to allow automatic asset ID numeric searches to be enabled or disabled
* Ability to swap commas for newlines when mapping embedded metadata

Notable Bug Fixes
* Fixes to taxonomy loader
* Fixes to AD authentication plug-in to make this feature more robust
* Fixes to incorrect row number being reported during batch import operations
* Security enhancements to prevent Guest access to areas that require a user account
* Fixes made to stop illegal email addresses breaking the audit trail reporting
* Fix to allow Group Administrators to see asset previews from assets uploaded by users in their Group (or a Sub-Group)


FocusOPEN 3.4.3 will be released to AGPL users when 344 goes stable in January, FocusOPEN 3.4.4 is expected to be released to them in mid-2013.

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