FocusOPEN Beta Released

FocusOPEN (beta) has been released today.  The updates include:

New Features

  • Batch replace function now includes an ‘append’ option for adding selections (including categories)
  • Batch text replace for non-Select fields
  • Added JSON, XML and CSV permalink options to searches (with API session token support)
  • Filter admin asset list by a given lightbox
  • Filter admin asset list processed status
  • Filter admin asset list by those assets having attachments
  • Overhauled export features to enable all fields to be exported or selection thereof
  • New export options to choose alternative row delimiter (rather than newline)
  • Added options to export in ASCII, UTF8, or Unicode
  • Import files direct from user personal batch folder via the web application as well as watched folder
  • Configure both basic search filters and move brand filter to advanced filters (or remove entirely)

Minor upgrades and performance tweaks

  • Modified all batch functions to use paging to reduce performance issues with large batch selections
  • Linked assets now show a rollover preview
  • Move assets in lightbox to top or bottom
  • Filter .DS_Store from imports
  • APS logging to create log of APS commands
  • AJAX features on Lightbox and Cart selections no longer causes page re-load
  • Wider asset preview page
  • Added low/high ranges to asset re-saver
  • Settings to allow PDF iFilter to be completely bypassed in favour of pdftotext if required
  • Adjustment to force CMYK PDF conversions to use first page

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent alias from being able to hijack existing accounts
  • Prevent aliases from being duplicates of full accounts
  • Fix to prevent batch import from importing categories
  • Fix to asset re-saver application
  • Fix to taxonomy XML export
  • Removal of hashed user ID for account re-activations to prevent issues with mail server spam filters
  • Fix to prevent multiple records being returned in searches where they had attachments

FocusOPEN is available for Commercial edition subscribers only.  A special price 50% promotion is currently being offered until the end of August 2013.


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