FocusOPEN 3.4.7 (Beta) Released

FocusOPEN (Beta) has been released, below are the changes.  This release is for Commercial users only.

New Features

* Added new metadata objects functionality allowing arbitrary non-assets entities to be created and linked to assets
* Command line application to launch CSV import jobs via the Windows scheduler created
* Extension to allow FocusOPEN to send custom jobs to the APS
* Conversion of all image manipulation functions to use APS exclusively and settings to enable the web application to be used instead.
* Test harness added to allow APS custom jobs to be launched from within FocusOPEN
* Rotate bitmap previews and thumbnails
* Simple metadata manager added to compliment the advanced hierarchical editor
* Support for bitmap group 0 which has the same size as the original asset but is generated in JPEG format (used for custom preview plug-ins).
* Asset Re-Saver application now supports -f parameter to be passed a list of assets to be re-saved in a text file (delimited by commas)
* CC arbitrary lists of users into messages sent to a given user account (for accounts that might be shared with multiple users)
* Default placeholders for thumbnails and previews where one cannot be generated by the APS (to replace the ‘unavailable’ icon)
* Default placeholder for asset types can be chosen from a given extension in the asset type manager
* Asset preview file migrator application added to allow a second FocusOPEN instance to be used to generate previews and thumbnails and then to copy these to another instance using the checksum (MD5 hash) of the original asset to rename the copied previews to the target asset ID

Minor upgrades and performance tweaks

* Adjustments to allow PDF iFilter to be bypassed entirely and pdftotext used by default
* CSV batch import generates dedicated log files for import operations
* Updated sandcastle object model help files now included as CHM (Windows Help) in source packages.
* Updates to config to prevent upload users from locking themselves out of assets by changing the permissions to a group they did not have access to
* Batch CSV import can be requested to skip invalid rows rather than failing entire job
* Duplicate logging added to batch import logs
* Alteration to require a user to choose the staff option when registering if an email format is used which is staff only.
* Setting to prevent asset being submitted to the APS (for testing and diagnostic purposes)
* Setting to prevent failed imports from being automatically copied to each user’s failed folder
* Download icon now displayed if the file exists rather than because a file hash is specified

Bug Fixes

* Fix to update pixel size as well as reported DPI when changing resolution
* Fix to prevent search URLs to redirect properly if the user was required to login first
* Fix to check the authentication plug-in is definitely configured before using it
* Fix to asset popularity report which was not working with the asset type filter
* Fix to incorrect path being used for unavailable image in the preview handler
* Fix to ensure the user is assigned a User API Token if they login and do not have one
* Modification to prevent logging extracts of pdftotext from not exceeding 100 characters
* Replace asset file now has a progress bar
* Fix to stop database truncation errors for audit trail when sending large asset lightboxes

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