FocusOPEN Feature Comparison

Below is a description of the main features of each edition of FocusOPEN. Read the features section for a more general overview.

Licence - Commercial Edition vs Open Source
Full access to source code
Unlimited number of users (no per-seat licence)
Unlimited number of unrestricted brands
Removal of FocusOPEN attribution logo and links
Waive requirement to contribute modifications back to the community
Proxies generated for InDesign files
Active Directory Authentication plug-In
Comprehensive system and end user administrator documentation
Batch ingestion of assets from a source CSV data file
Batch loading of user data from CSV files
Watched folder application
Taxonomy upload/download using CSV or XML sources
Advanced custom workflow settings with threaded discussion features
Personal workspace and private discussion feature
Guest Account login
Advance release of new editions 3-6 months before general availability
Access to support service plans
SSO (Single Sign On) for third party authentication and password-less login
Guest login accounts different IP addresses
Batch link, zip and modify asset metadata
Asset popularity reporting
Advanced taxonomy operations: merge, delete, de-dupe and split nodes or complete branches
64-bit Asset Processing Server
Export metadata in CSV and XML format
Google maps links generated from embedded EXIF data in photos
Batch user management
Advanced admin asset filtering features and batch manipulation tools
Metadata Objects for linking assets with multi-instance third party records
Command line batch CSV importer application
Asset migration application for moving proxies between FocusOPEN instances
Custom APS processing jobs for developing advanced conversion functionality
All asset manipulation jobs processed using scalalble APS rather than web application
Custom placeholders to replace asset unavailable icons
Rotate previews and thumbnails
Simple and advanced metadata manager
Up to date developer object model information provided as Windows Help (CHM) documents
Search & Metadata
Keyword based text search
Search grammar (Boolean & wildcards)
Concept filtering or faceted search
Folder/category search
Add assets to multiple folders
Attach documents and other assets to master asset
Cross reference linked assets
Search & indexing of text asset content (master and attachments)
Link to search results
Embedded metadata support (IPTC, XMP and ID3)
Filter management
Category and taxonomy management
Lightbox (favourites)
Unlimited user lightboxes
Personal and public lightboxes
Add notes to assets and lightboxes
Merge, duplicate and remove lightboxes
Contact sheet downloads (allows unregistered users to download assets)
Fully password protected using encrypted passwords
Automated account expiry and reactivation workflow
Account emulation facility for senior users
Restrict to IP Address and waive option for off-site users
Event based user audit trail for security and support
Roles based permissions
Configurable asset access security permissions for different groups of users
Self-registration and/or invite only registration option
Optional expiry date for assets (e.g. for time restricted licences)
Support SSL for secure repositories
Requesting Assets
Cart for requesting assets
Direct download for pre-approved assets
Customisable usage approval workflows for rights managed assets
Order management interface
Managed dialogue between orderer and approver
Full audit trail of all approval conversations
Deadline and usage specification
Proxy Asset Generation & Asset Processing
Dedicated Asset Processing Server (APS)
Proxies generated for Images (using ImageMagick)
Proxies generated for Video (using FFMPEG or commercial transcoder)
Proxies generated for PDF (using GhostScript)
Proxies generated for Audio (using FFMPEG)
Physical asset support
Plug-in architecture allows additional file types to be added
Format conversion, transcoding and other asset manipulation
APS hosted independently of FocusOPEN for highly scalable asset processing
WCF based API controlled using XML command packets
Support for unlimited range of file types (extensions)
Custom home pages
Integrate Flash or custom HTML/JQuery home page and other content
Dynamic skins based presentation using CSS and custom images
Multi-brand option (use single system with multiple skins and domain names)
Custom domain name for each brand
Seggregate access to assets based on the user's brand
Upload & Ingestion
Dynamic live upload progress bar
Zip upload multiple assets in batches
Watched folders for automated ingestion via FTP or file server
Template based data entry to batch apply metadata to multiple assets
MD5 checksums to prevent duplicate uploads
Warning to administrator if duplicate exists outside user's permissions
Workflow Management
Multiple workflow routes
Re-configurable workflows for different asset approval scenarios
Upload and edit controls for designated users (and exemptions)
Workflow discussion
Version Control & Batch Modification
Full version control for both assets files and metadata
Version preview, revert and rollback options
Search and replace metadata in batch mode
Login and registration statistics
Asset popularity statistics
Individual asset statistics
Full event based system audit trail
Media Delivery
Integrated with streaming server
Integrated with CDNs (Content Delivery Networks)
Scripting & API
Server-side JavaScript scripting engine
Customisable REST API developed using FocusOPEN scripting engine
Preview plug-in architecture allows custom client-side viewers to be developed by third parties
Customisable widget based Home Pages and custom editor facility using XML mark-up and client-side scripting
Hosting & Infrastructure
Designed for use in a typical Windows based corporate IT environment
Compatible with Windows 2003/2008, IIS6/7, SQL Server 2005/2008
Supports IE6 (also IE 7/8/9/10, Firefox, Safari and Chrome)
Includes system management dashboard with disk utilisation charts
Unlimited number of storage mount points for true scalability
Supports High Availability clustering and failover
Supports virtualized hosts (e.g. VMWare, Xen etc)
Native and plug-in authentication architecture to enable shared user credentials

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