Commercial Edition Key Features For Marketing Communications Operations:


  • Supports All Common Media: Including photos, video, audio, Flash and print artwork files. Perfect for storing all the client's multi-format marketing collateral. Read about file formats supported by FocusOPEN and other advanced media processing features.

  • Unlimited Use: With no licence or technical restrictions on the number of users, assets and brands the system can support, unlimited use ensures that the system can grow with the business without incurring future licence costs as the size and usage of the system increases. Read about the Commercial Licence.

  • Powerful Yet Intuitive Search: With a super fast text search engine that operates like popular Internet search engines, such as Google and Bing, FocusOPEN enables users to search for media by keywords or by categories (folders), allowing users to sort, filter and even save searches for future reference. Read about FocusOPEN's advanced search features.

  • Multi-Brand: Multi-brand features enabled this 'house of brands' to provide DAM services to each subsidiary business via a secure, uniquely branded portal, safely ring-fenced from other businesses' assets, users and other brand materials. Read about FocusOPEN's unique multi-brand features.

  • Easy To Use: FocusOPEN has been built with ease-of-use at the forefront of our engineering. Our user interfaces are designed to be intuitive and utilise GUI models that users are already familiar with. Further, FocusOPEN has a comprehensive and context-sensitive help system that will guide even the most novice user through key tasks and functions. View interfaces in the Screenshot Gallery and Take A Tour.

  • No More New Passwords: As FocusOPEN is built on Microsoft technologies, our professional services team were able to integrate the system with Active Directory fast, providing single sign-on services to the entire organisation quickly and easily. FocusOPEN also simultaneously supports access from approved external users who do not have internal network access (integration with LDAP is also available). Read about system integration services.

  • Streamlined Cataloguing: The client was able to significantly reduce the labour overhead of adding and managing media in their library with our streamlined cataloguing features, including: asset cross-referencing, metadata templating, scheduled and bulk uploading and metadata auto-generation. Read about FocusOPEN's time-saving cataloguing features.

  • Flexible Permissions: FocusOPEN's flexible permissions manager means that media files can be made available by administrators to specific user groups only, and on a per asset basis. Files can be shown to or hidden from certain users, can be displayed with or without a watermark (includes video) can be restricted from download or flagged for administrator approval before publication. Such flexibility ensures that the client is able to control exactly who has access to what across the system. Read about FocusOPEN's flexible permissions infrastructure.

  • Copyright And Brand Control: With a mixture of commissioned, royalty-free and rights-managed media in their arsenal, the client needed to ensure that copyright was understood and adhered to. FocusOPEN allows fine control over user access and permits licensing information and other usage requirements, such as brand guidelines, to be stored alongside each media file - dramatically reducing the risk of costly copyright blunders or the embarrassing misuse of brand. Read about FocusOPEN's copyright and brand control features.

  • Media Workflows: Media workflows can be used by both internal and external team members to contribute to the creation of artwork for advertising or internal communications purposes, a key benefit for the client who needed their staff to be able to collaborate with design agencies remotely. Read about FocusOPEN's flexible workflow features.

  • Comprehensive Stats And Reporting: Reporting features enables administrators to rapidly generate reports on media and system usage, such as login and registration statistics, media download statistics and user audit trails. Read About Statistical And Reporting Tools.

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