FocusOPEN Features: Lightbox

The FocusOPEN Lightbox feature is used to organise collections of assets that users might need to assemble for projects or other asset selection tasks. In addition to being able to add/remove assets and place them into lightboxes, a range of more versatile features are available.
Lightboxes allow user to define an arbitrary collection of assets, they have similar features to searches but can be treated as self-contained units and shared among users. This makes them ideal for collaborative tasks.

Advanced Lightbox Operations

Add an unlimited number of lightboxes, merge, remove and delete them. Generate PDF contact sheets from lightboxes and share them with other users.

Share Lightboxes

Lightboxes can be sent by email to colleagues or distributed to external users with an expiry date.

Lightbox Collaboration Features

Uisng the shared or linked lightbox feature it is possible to share a list of assets with colleagues and then see any amendments made to the content or notes. Lightboxes can be public or private and the owner can set up lightbox permissions or revoke access if required.
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