FocusOPEN Features: Metadata Configuration

FocusOPEN has a wide range of metadata configuration capabilities. As well as classical metaphors such as folders or categories, FocusOPEN provides a metadata-centric method for searching for assets using filters. The controls for metadata selection can be a wide range of different types including drop-down menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields and other special custom types. Each Brand can have separate a unique metadata configuration to allow a completely independent media library within a single core instance.
Fully featured and designed for ease of use, FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager has all the facilities needed to manage many different types of media across the organisation. View our features comparison chart to see which version of FocusOPEN best meets your needs, or read more about FocusOPEN's top ten key features below:

Content & User Aware Metadata

Separate metadata schemas can be defined for both asset type and the user's permissions group. This means that assets like videos, images or print media can have unique fields not shared with other types. Also, one user can be shown or hiddden a field depending on their group permissions.

Configurable Asset Types

Each asset type can be defined uniquely and any asset can be allocated to an asset type, irrespective of the MIME type (file extension).

Drop-Down Menu Metadata Fields

Metadata input fields can be defined as drop-down menus.

Checkbox Metadata Fields

Metadata input fields can be defined as checkboxes.

Radio Metadata Fields

Metadata input fields can be defined as radio buttons.

Combo Box Metadata Fields

Metadata input fields can be defined as combo boxes.

Preset Metadata Fields

Preset metadata fields are a hybrid between combo boxes and text fields. The user can choose a default (or preset) value but amend it for each individual asset record. Depending on the permissions, the amended entry can be updated back to the metadata taxononmy also.


The Categories metadata feature provides a simplified folder model that can be used as well as or instead of the more sophisticated metadata configurations. Workflows can also be defined based on a given category too. In common with other FocusOPEN features, each separate Brand can also have its own unique category taxonomy.

Taxonomy Import/Export

Taxonomy data can be both imported and exported in CSV and XML format to enable integration with third party taxonomy management tools or more rapid editing using a spreadsheet or XML editor.

View/Edit Mode Metadata Config

Both view and edit modes can be configured independently so it is possible to have some metadata fields only appear to administrators.

Metadata Filter Configuration

Filter configuration.
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