FocusOPEN Features: Advanced Search

FocusOPEN includes three separate user search capabilities, including further features for developers and a simple but powerful method for developers to construct custom searches.
The filter search can be configured using the sophisticated metadata configuration features.

Keyword Search

A straightforward keyword search can be used for free text queries. Wildcards and search grammar like Boolean operators are available and use the same conventions as popular internet search engines that end users are already familar with. Keyword searches can be augmented with a single filter, such as Asset Type also to enable results to be refined without the need for an advanced search.

Folders & Categories

As well as keyword and metadata filter search, it is also possible to use a more conventional folder or category search to locate assets. Folder search can be combined with keyword and filter searches. Assets can exist in multiple categories as a single file and metadata record.

Search Filters

The filter search allows users to extend keyword or category searches with more advanced filter queries. All three search strategies can be combined and filters can be disabled if not needed. The filters presented are configurable by user brand and also according to the permissions group each user is a member of. As well as custom filters, generic options like dates, orientation and file size can be used also.

List Or Thumbnail Search

In addition to thumbnails, for document or audio assets, it is possible to view search results in list view and sort by different criteria too.

Instant Previews

Previews of assets can be quickly viewed by rolling over each thumbnail or list view result.

Detailed Search Results

Each search result is allocated a dedicated area and users can position several of them on-screen simultaneously. For media production professionals such as graphic designers this is ideal as it enables many assets to be reviewd side-by-side without needing to move between different results. The information shown to each user can be adjusted based on their role, group or brand with metadata shown or hidden as required.

Linked Assets

Asset can be linked together in an arbitrary fashion so users can quickly navigate from one asset to a related one. Administrative batch tools are provided to make this process quick and easy for cataloguers.

Programmable Search URLs

Every search can be re-created with a special search URL permalink feature. This can be used by developers to create live links to searches where the results will change based on the content.
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