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Fully featured and designed as a versatile DAM framework for .NET Developers and System Administrators. FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager ™ has all the facilities needed to manage high volumes of media using a rich and versatile user interface that can be easily configured. View our features comparison chart to see which version of FocusOPEN best meets your needs, or read more below:
FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager ™ is ideal for marketing and/or creative environments that require powerful functionality and a compelling user experience. The branding and customisation features allow it to be quickly adapted and the web based GUI is simple and quick for end users to pick up.

Web Based - Point & Click UI

End user functionality is delivered via point and click interfaces that deliver powerful features in an easy and straightforward manner

Sophisticated Search Features

Advanced filter search capabilities can be easily enabled and configured individually for different groups or brands (tenants).

Content & User Aware Metadata

FocusOPEN has an advanced multi-dimensional metadata model that can be adapted to different asset types as well as user criteria. Different fields can be enabled or disabled based on a unique combination of asset characteristics.

Batch Asset Manipulation

FocusOPEN contains numerous versatile batch processing features that allow assets to be manipulated in bulk.

AD Integration & SSO

FocusOPEN supports Enterprise features like Active Directory integration and SSO Single Sign On

Dedicated Asset Processing Server

Media manipulation tasks are handled by a dedicated Asset Processing Server (APS) which communicates with FocusOPEN via the WCF (Windows Communications Framework) protocol. The SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) can be shared among many instances of FocusOPEN or used by third party solutions simultaneously.

Scripting Language & API

FocusOPEN has an API which is customisable without impacting the core FocusOPEN system code. The whole application can be scripted using the built-in server-side JavaScript scripting engine to enable extensions and complex integration features.

Open Source

FocusOPEN includes the full C# source code and SQL Server database creation scripts. For .NET developers and Windows Sys Admins, it offers an ideal, ready-made framework for rapidly assembling Digital Asset Management solutions for in-house departments or external clients. Using FocusOPEN can save months or even years of complex and painstaking manual development work - for a fraction of the cost of starting from scratch and with all the flexibility of code you wrote yourself.
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