FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager ™ has a number of Unique Selling Points that set is apart not just from other Digital Asset Management systems, but other open source alternatives also.

Established Product Brand

FocusOPEN was originally developed by a previous owner of the FocusOPEN brand in 1995 as a client/server solution and upgraded to Classic ASP and then .NET in 2006. In 2011, FocusOPEN Software was established as an independent business by the then owners to specialise exclusively in Open Source DAM software for .NET developers. As Digital Asset Management specialists, FocusOPEN concentrate solely on engineering robust and reliable DAM solutions for software developer end users.

Enterprise Class Digital Asset Management

The Open Source and Commercial editions of FocusOPEN are derived from an original version which was deployed to enterprises only and it has been used by over 1000 organisations. FocusOPEN has been used by hundreds of thousands of people across the world to manage millions of media assets.

Designed And Engineered For Business Use In .NET and SQL Server Environments

Engineered for robust, mission-critical use, FocusOPEN is designed to meet the needs of professionals operating in hectic business environments. The concepts, metaphors and features have all been refined based on input from users who require reliable media libraries that deliver rapid ROI and use .NET and SQL Server as their core technologies.

Built Using Conventional & Widely Supported Microsoft .NET Technologies

FocusOPEN is built using Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET and SQL Server that are commonly used in business IT scenarios and has been designed to continue to work with older browsers which may still in widespread corporate use. FocusOPEN has been extensively tested with security devices like firewalls and proxy servers and has been engineered with stable, reliable technologies - leaving aside 'bleeding-edge' techniques that fail in real world situations. Unlike some other open source DAM solutions, FocusOPEN is "IT department safe", designed without esoteric or obscure plug-ins, players or server technologies, to better ensure its smooth and successful implementation in most corporate IT environments.

Zero Cost & Zero Risk

As the Open Source edition of FocusOPEN is free to download, you can start using it right away without cost. If you decide to take development and support in-house, you have full and unrestricted access to the source code - even if you decide to upgrade to the Commercial edition. This remarkable benefit of our open source licence therefore eliminates the risks of proprietary alternatives.

What's Next?

Read a product overview. If you are ready to try FocusOPEN, why not download a copy now, or, take a product tour. Alternatively, read up on the available system features.


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