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    Lightbulb Bulk Import Failure Report

    It would be extremely helpful if there was a report that could be pulled up after the completion of a batch import that showed what files failed and for what reason. For those that failed due to duplicate images, the report should show what image in the database was the matching image.

    We are bringing in a large number of files that were previously poorly managed. This is being done by multiple individuals and there have been failures due to duplicate hashes.

    Right now, the users are navigating to their 'failed' folder to see what failed, but they don't know the reason why. I can, as administrator, go into the daily log and find the failure reason, but our daily logs are 50,000 lines and it's a time consuming step which only shows the cause. Unfortunately, you can't tell from the logs what image was being duplicated.

    Being able to see what images imported, what failed, for what reason, and what the duplicate image in the database was would be a huge help.

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    3.4.7. has a dedicated import log file. If you use the watched folder application, the logs in that might have more details.

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