FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager ™ is one of the few open source .NET digital asset management systems engineered for serious business use. It has been refined over three major technology iterations from client/server desktop application, Classic ASP web based system and since 2005 as a full .NET enterprise class application.

Open Source And Free Of Charge

The Open Source Edition is distributed under an Affero General Public Licence (AGPL) and is completely free of charge. You can download it, deploy it and start using it right away by registering here. Registrants also receive many other complimentary benefits such as access to our online Help Centre, free product upgrades and discounts on our own and compatible third-party software. Find out more about the Open Source (AGPL) Edition and its licence restrictions.

Community Help Forums, Developer Wiki & Advanced User Documentation

FocusOPEN Open Source Edition is supported by a fast-growing user community who shape the future direction of FocusOPEN with their valuable feedback and input. We provide several knowledgebases that help administrators and software developers to share information and post questions regarding the deployment, customisation and integration of FocusOPEN, including Community Help Forums and Developer Wiki. Our product development team actively monitor the boards, write dedicated technical articles and release complimentary tools to assist community members. By engaging in discussions with fellow FocusOPEN developers, you too can get the most from the system and network with like-minded IT professionals.

Visit the Help Centre.

What's Next?

To find out more about the Open Source (AGPL) Edition and its licence restrictions, read our frequently asked questions or download the latest version of FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager ™ (AGPL) now.


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