Enterprise-Class Open Source .NET Digital Asset Management

FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager is designed to provide .NET developers with a platform they can build on that will allow their users to gain superior control over their digital media assets. Built on reliable Microsoft technology and offering a wide range of media management features targeted directly at the needs of digital asset archivists, marketing and operations managers, FocusOPEN has been proven to lower operational costs and deliver significant productivity gains to businesses worldwide.

Share Media Anywhere

Powerful, fast and fully web-based, FocusOPEN can manage: images, video, audio, print artwork or any other kind of file from a single, secure location that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. This means you can dispense with shared drives, couriering DVDs and memory sticks or emailing large files to suppliers and colleagues.

Manage Media With Ease

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, FocusOPEN sports streamlined cataloguing and other time-saving features such as scheduled and bulk uploading and metadata auto-generation that help administrators manage media quickly and easily. Simple control panels enable system administrators to configure metadata, create media workflows and manage system access, whilst versatile reporting tools provide instant information at the touch of a button.

Cut Media Production Costs

FocusOPEN saves days of wasted effort trying to locate files. A versatile combination of categories, tags and keyword searching allows users to mix and match search features to find the exact files they're looking for and fast. FocusOPEN can also reduce costs and enhance productivity by cutting out numerous manual production tasks like transferring files or converting formats.

Brand Protection

From workflows to watermarking, FocusOPEN allows fine control over user access. Licensing and other usage guidelines can be stored alongside assets so copyright or other conditions of use are always available to users - dramatically reducing the risk of costly copyright blunders or the embarrassing misuse of brand. System interfaces can be quickly updated to reflect your brand and multi-brand features allow separate, uniquely branded sub-systems to be housed in the same core application, perfect for businesses that operate multiple brands.

Open For Business

We believe in open models for business that foster collaboration. Our open approach is designed to encourage businesses and individuals to share knowledge and become actively involved in shaping the platform for better use. Our modular plug-in architecture is built to support system integration and extension. Our progressive open source license provides both peace of mind and a level of flexibility that just isn't possible with outmoded competitor systems. And our active user community strengthens our system, our enterprise and our vision.

What's Next?

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