FocusOPEN CMYK Image Hotfix (FocusOPEN 3.4.3 and above)

This hotfix is a replacement DLL and config excerpt which must be patched into your APS plug-ins configuration to rectify an issue with generating JPEG proxy files (previews and thumbnails) from CMYK TIFF originals for use with FocusOPEN. The hotfix is a combined update from the forthcoming 3.4.4 stable release and also includes the ability to fully configure the ImageMagick and FFMPEG Audio command strings

To deploy:

  • Download the zip and extract it
  • Stop the APS service.
  • Find the existing FocusOPEN.APS.dll and FocusOPEN.APS.pdb files in the APS service folder (usually in program files) and back these up somewhere.
  • Delete or rename the existing FocusOPEN.APS.dll and FocusOPEN.APS.pdb files and copy the replacements into the folder
  • Backup the plugins.config file inside the APS Config folder.
  • Open the example plugins.config inside the zip. Copy these stanzas from the hotfix config file into your own
  • ImageMagick
  • <plugin
    		type="FocusOPEN.APS.ImageMagickProcessingPlugin, FocusOPEN.APS"
    			<add key="ColorProfilesPath" value="C:\Program Files (x86)\Daydream\FocusOPEN Asset Processing Service\ColorProfiles" />
    			<add key="ImageMagickPath" value="C:\Program Files (x86)\ImageMagick-6.6.3-Q16" />
    			<add key="ImageMagickConvert" value="##ImageMagickPath##\convert.exe" />
    			<add key="ImageMagickComposite" value="##ImageMagickPath##\composite.exe" />
    			<add key="ImageMagickIdentify" value="##ImageMagickPath##\identify.exe" />
    			<add key="ColorspaceProfileCMYK" value="##ColorProfilesPath##\CMYK\USWebCoatedSWOP.icc"/>
    			<add key="ColorspaceProfileRGB" value="##ColorProfilesPath##\RGB\AdobeRGB1998.icc" />
          <add key="DotsPerInchArgs" value="-format %[fx:resolution.x]x%[fx:resolution.y] [INPUT]"/>
          <add key="ImageColorspaceArgs" value="-format %r [INPUT]" />
          <add key="ResizeImageArgs" value="-limit thread 1 -colorspace RGB -quality 90 -resize [WIDTH]x[HEIGHT] [KEEPASPECTRATIO] [INPUT][0] [OUTPUT]" />
          <add key="ResizeImageCMYKArgs" value="-limit thread 1 -quality 90 -layers flatten [INPUT] -profile [COLORSPACEPROFILECMYKPATH] -profile [COLORSPACEPROFILECMYKPATH] -quality 90 -resize [WIDTH]x[HEIGHT] [OUTPUT]" />
          <add key="ApplyWatermarkArgs" value="-dissolve 30 -gravity center [WATERMARKIMAGEPATH] [INPUT] [INPUT]" />
  • Audio Processing
    		type="FocusOPEN.APS.AudioProcessingPlugin, FocusOPEN.APS"
    			<add key="FFmpegExecutablePath" value="C:\Program Files (x86)\Daydream\FocusOPEN Asset Processing Service\Apps\FFmpeg\FFmpeg.exe" />
    			<add key="CropDuration" value="30" />
          <add key="FFmpegAudioArgs" value="-t [DURATION] -i [INPUT] [OUTPUT]" />
  • You may also have to change the location of some paths such as ImageMagick or FFMPEG depending on your installation.
  • Re-start the APS service.
  • Check the APS logs for any errors when starting up.

If all is well, you should be able to upload CMYK TIFFs. The command specifications for all third party applications can now also be amended without re-compilation which can be useful to modify the standard behaviour of any proxies generated.

This hotfix may operate with earlier APS instances but has been tested and is supported for version 3.4.3 and above.

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