FocusOPEN Custom Home Page Development Kit


FocusOPEN 3.4.2 introduced some new functionality to allow designers and client-side developers the ability to develop their own custom home pages. Using a simple XML configuration file, it is possible to define editor controls also for these that allow them to be modified and customised by administrators.

The new custom home page feature introduces widgets, these are building block elements such as asset thumbnails, previews, bitmap tiles or more sophisticated functions such as the ability to get remote url content. The designer/developer can use the widgets to compose their own custom home page and automatically generate a GUI editor that FocusOPEN will interpret and present within the administration area.

The API is used extensively in this feature to transfer data from the server to the end user. You do not need to have any experience with the API, however, as the built-in API session token binding takes care of most of the server-side interaction.

Examples: Current Standard Home Page

Examples: Magazine Home Page

Required Skills

To develop custom home pages, no .net/C# or SQL Server knowledge is required, but you do need to have a reasonable understanding of CSS, XML and a basic grasp of JavaScript and jQuery.

Download Files

The Homepage Template and Editor Development Guide contains some step-by-step instructions and a reference guide that explains each of the widgets, the JavaScript files and how the widgets interact with the API. The Custom Homepage Development Kit is available for download.

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