Enabling The "Engineer" User Role

While super administrators normally have access to every menu option in FocusOPEN, there is a further user role called 'Engineer' which provides some underlying diagnostic features also that can assist with deployments or troubleshooting. These can be useful for engineers or developers.

The role must be enabled via direct modification of the SQL Server database and provides a Diagnostic Tools sub-menu to the Utilities main menu in the administrator area. The following new menus are added:

  • View Settings
  • View Logs
  • Drive Info
  • Asset Processing Server Info

Each of the functions is described in more detail below.

The Engineer role is only permitted for Super Administrator level users, so if you wish to enable an account, ensure the target user is a Super Administrator first.

Enabling The Account

It is not recommended to provide general access to this feature other than for those users who explicitly require it. This is why it can only be enabled via the database. Using SQL Server Management Studio (or similar tool) open the Users table up and locate the account of the Super Administrator users you wish to upgrade.

Change the “IsEngineer” field from false to true. Re-starting the application by either restarting IIS or renaming and reverting the web.config filename is recommended to apply the change.

Once the account is enabled, the user should have the new Utilities / Diagnostics menu.

View Settings

This allows the engineer users to see all system settings used in the web.config and appsettings.config files. There are also three buttons at the bottom of the settings which can be useful when deploying FocusOPEN:

  • Restart application
  • Reload settings
  • Invalidate all caches

Restart application and reload settings can be useful to load changes to settings without restarting IIS or manually renaming and reverting the web.config filename. Invalidate all caches is not typically required unless you are working on a modified version of FocusOPEN, but can be used to clear the caching used in the application.

View Logs

View Logs allows direct access to the Log4Net application logs created by FocusOPEN. This is useful if you do not have easy access to the installation folders on the server where FocusOPEN is deployed.

Drive Info

Allows the engineers to see a pie chart representation of the available disk space on their FocusOPEN installation. This can be useful if you want to check the available capacity on a remote installation without getting direct access to the server to do it.

By changing the value of the WatchedDrives setting in the appsettings.config file it is possible to add multiple watched drives (and see a pie chart and breakdown for each drive).

Asset Processing Server Info

The APS info page is used for checking whether the APS is operational and how much load it is under. The status page provides a variety of information such as up-time, number of jobs and the extensions supported. If you have added custom APS plug-ins, the latter can be used to quickly tell if they have loaded and are accessible to your FocusOPEN installation.

The 'submit assets for processing' button allows any unprocessed assets which previews and thumbnails have not been generated for to be submitted as a batch to the APS.

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