This area holds technical information for engineers and developers who need to deploy or modify FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager.

Deployment Guides

The FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager Deployment Guide should give you all the information you need to deploy a test edition of FocusOPEN and also prepare for more serious use:

Sandbox Deployment Guide

The sandbox deployment guide explains how to carry out a manual installation of a FocusOPEN instance using an existing deployment for test purposes such as staging or development. A sandbox is recommended if you are upgrading a production FocusOPEN instance from a prior installation to ensure any changes made are tested first.


Commercial Registration Procedures

See this article for an explanation of the process.

FocusOPEN Commercial Upgrade Procedure

Upgrade Procedures


The troubleshooting page has a links to technical articles for common FocusOPEN deployment and operational problems and how to solve them.


FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager relies on a number of third party open source dependencies that provide supporting functionality.

See the dependencies page for more details.

FocusOPEN Administrator Guide

Engineer & Server-Side Developer Information

Designer & Client-Side Developer Information

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