Enabling SWF APS Support

This document describes how to set up SWF preview generation using the FocusOPEN Asset Processing Server. This will generate thumbnails for SWF files and allow them to be viewed as FocusOPEN previews without the need to manually upload a SWF file by changing preview settings for each asset.

This has been tested on FocusOPEN 3.4.6. The instructions may work on earlier editions, but are unsupported.

SWFTools, especially swfrender.exe and swfcombine.exe must both be present on the server. SWFTools can be downloaded here: http://www.swftools.org/swftools-2013-04-09-1007.exe

The dependent applications are assumed to be in this location for the remainder of the documentation:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SWFTools

1. Find the APS installation folder, for example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\FocusOPEN Software\FocusOPEN Asset Processing Service\Config

2. Make a backup of Plugins.config and store this in case the configuration has to be reverted.

3. Open Plugins.config with Notepad or another text editor.

4. Find the plug-in stanza: name=“GenericCommandLinePlugin”. It will usually be the first in the file.

5. Copy and paste the following alternative edition:

		type="FocusOPEN.APS.GenericCommandLinePlugin, FocusOPEN.APS"
			<!--Preview Parameters-->
			<add key="PreviewCommandLine_App" value="C:\Program Files (x86)\swftools\swfcombine.exe" />
			<add key="PreviewCommandLine_Args" value=" -o [OUTPUT] #id1=[INPUT] #id2=[INPUT] " />
			<add key="PreviewCommandLine_Extension" value="swf" />
			<add key="Preview_Extension" value="swf" />
			<!--Thumbnail Parameters-->
			<add key="ThumbnailCommandLine_App" value="C:\Program Files (x86)\swftools\swfrender.exe" />
			<add key="ThumbnailCommandLine_Args" value=" [INPUT] -Y [HEIGHT] -X [WIDTH] -o [OUTPUT]" />
			<add key="ThumbnailCommandLine_Extension" value="png" />
			<add key="Thumbnail_Extension" value="png" />

Depending on the location of the SWFTools folder, you may need to change the highlighted paths:

<add key="PreviewCommandLine_App" value="C:\Program Files (x86)\swftools\swfcombine.exe" />
<add key="ThumbnailCommandLine_App" value="C:\Program Files (x86)\swftools\swfrender.exe" />

6. Save the file. 7. Restart the Asset Processing Service and check the log files. There should be this entry:

FocusOPEN.APS.ProcessingService  - Name: GenericCommandLinePlugin, Enabled: True

8. Login to FocusOPEN with a super admin account that has engineer access enabled. 9. Go here:

Admin > Utilities > Diagnostic Tools > Asset Processing Server Info

You should see a screen similar to the following. The key setting is whether or not SWF is now supported:

10. Now go to:

Admin > Content > Manage File Extensions

11. Find the swf entry and click edit:

12. Uncheck 'show support plug-ins only' and then choose 'Flash Preview' from the menu:

Then click save.

The SWF APS plug-in and associated preview plug-in should now be installed and configured for use.

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