FocusOPEN Technical FAQ

What are the requirements to run FocusOPEN?

FocusOPEN requires:

  • Windows 2008 or 2012 Server (1)
  • Internet Information Server (IIS) 7,8 and above
  • SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 Standard, Enterprise or Datacenter (2)


(1) FocusOPEN may operate successfully on non-server based editions of Windows, however, it is recommended that you do so for testing and evaluation purposes only. You must have an instance of IIS installed also.

(2) The normal 'Express' editions of SQL Server do not support full-text indexing which is required for full-text search. Therefore if you use these edition, you will find search functionality is limited. SQL Server 2008 Express Advanced does include this feature and will permit unlimited user connections (unlike 2005). For more information see this post:

What is the technical architecture of FocusOPEN?

FocusOPEN is designed to use a multi-tier architecture (if available). The main components are:

  • ASP.NET Web Application (IIS)
  • SQL Server Database
  • File Server
  • Asset Processing Server (APS)

Each of the components can be fully separated and deployed to independent or redundant hosts to enhance scalability and reliability. It is also possible to also combine any or all of the components on to a single host depending on what resources you have available or your individual scalability needs.

Are assets stored in the database?

No, assets are stored in the file system to designated storage points, i.e. file paths (referenced in the database). Copies of document assets are stored in the SQL Server database to enable full text indexing.

Can multiple storage points be assigned simultaneously?

Yes, each asset can be assigned to a unique or shared storage point (file path). This allows additional storage to be added simply by adding storage point references in the database and assigning one as the default for new assets. This avoids the need to migrate assets from one storage device to another in the event capacity becomes fully utilised.

Can FocusOPEN be deployed to shared hosting?

Deployment of FocusOPEN requires administrator level access to Windows to allow the installation of the Asset Processing Server (APS) and other components. If the host is controlled by you or your employer then this is definitely possible. If you plan to use a commercial shared hosting service provider, it is unlikely you will be able to obtain the necessary configuration assistance required to set the application up properly. If in doubt, send a copy of the deployment guide to your service provider and ask for their opinion.

Can FocusOPEN be used with virtualised hosts like VMWare, VBox, Virtual Server or Xen?

Yes, FocusOPEN can be deployed successfully to a virtualised infrastructure using any of the technologies described.

Does FocusOPEN have any browser plug-in dependencies?

FocusOPEN requires the Shockwave Flash (SWF) version 8 for FLV video or 9 for H.264. Apart from video playback, there are no other browser plug-ins required or Java/Active-X controls.

Can MySQL or an alternative RDBMS be used?

FocusOPEN supports SQL Server 2005 or 2008 only. Later version of SQL Server may also work, however, these have not been tested at the time of writing.

Does FocusOPEN support the Mono platform under Linux?

Not at this time.

What version of .NET does FocusOPEN require?

Version 3.5 of the .NET framework is required. Version 3.5 should be specified as the target framework in IIS when installing.

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